The best thing that happened to me was when I became a part of U-KISS.

- Lee Kiseop 

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Dongho during Don’t Cry Mommy taping/photoshoot ♥ OTL *o*

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 Idol Maknae Rebellion: Shin Dongho  
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What U-Kiss taught me.


Kiseop - If you keep trying, you can achieve your goals

Soohyun - Live your dream

Eli - Don’t care about the haters

Alexander - Be different if it’s what you want

AJ - Express your passion, don’t hold it in

Dongho -Even if you’re young, you should still fight for your dream

Hoon - Be yourself

Kibum - Fight with all you have

Kevin - … People will love you even though you’re a complete whore

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포스작렬 일라이!!^_^


포스작렬 일라이!!^_^

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